Devi Lopamudra

विदर्भराज की कन्या लोपामुद्रा का जन्म राजकुल में हुआ था। लोपामुद्रा महर्षि अगस्त्य की सहधर्मिणी बनी। बाल्यकाल से ही जो सुख भोगों में पली और

Devi Devhuti

ब्रह्मावर्त देश के अधिपति महाराज स्वायम्भुव मनु की लावण्यमयी पुत्री देवहूति बड़ी गुणशीला थी । देवहूति की माता का नाम शतरूपा था । भारतवर्ष के

The PM’ s Chair is Still a Distant Dream for L K Advani

एक ओर जहाँ देश की जनता काँग्रेस की तानाशाही से त्रस्त है और आस लगा कर आने वाले चुनाव का बेसब्री से इंतज़ार कर रही

The “Queen”dom Called India

India has a long history of suffering at the hands of its emperors, kings and queens. Barring the brief sojourns of great rulers such as

Whither True Independence?

Another anniversary of our nations Independence is upon us. As we look back, we find that 65 years have passed us by since we attained

The Battle for Goodness

When I watched the scenes of the anti-corruption agitation led by Anna Hazare unfolding on the TV screen, I was filled with a sense of

Depreciation of Humanity

Indias ostentatious progress on the economic front, although highly lopsided, is in sharp contrast to a corresponding decadence in human values, as evidenced by happenings

Indian Economy And Unnecessary Wastage of Public Money

It is often said that when it rains, it pours. When bad times come, they come in a cascade. The great Indian Democracy is passing

Honor Killing- A Global of Discrimination Against Women

What is the net worth of your life?- It is a serious question that requires attention of all of you. Before digging the roots, its

Om Banna: Where Votive Offerings Are Made to A Miraculous Motorcycle..

Its not uncommon to find people worshiping God, animals, birds, ascetic or even, tree in our incredible country, which is full of surprises and miracles.

Congress Gambles with Middle-Class Patience- the Sharpest Petrol Price Hike & Rupee Depreciation

By the time you read this blog, the price of the petrol would have gone up by more than Rs. 7.50 a liter across the

When Doctors Become Monsters (Dog-tors)

Doctor Couple of Mumbai (Maharashtra) arrested for illegal female foeticide. Aborted female foetuses fed to dogs at hospital. Mumbai- While Maharashtra government is looking for