Bhanwari Devi Sex Scandal- Mysterious Story of a Moll

Bhanwari Devi

The most popular murder case after Arushi Murder case, Bhanwari Devi sex scandal has already shaken the roots of the government badly. The association of Many Political giants and their relationships with the midwife nurse Bhanwari devi has forced the government to search for face-saving ways. Bitter but true!!!

No doubt, Bhanwari Devi had signed her own death warrant the moment, she started blackmailing some of the Rajasthans most powerful politicians. Additionally, a sex CD that starred Mahipal Maderna (then Cabinet Minister), wearing nothing except a wrist watch caught in a compromising position with Bhanwari has forced the government to spend sleepless nights. The ambitious and clever nurse was aware of the danger and therefore, put the CD in a locker of an Ajmer based bank. Bhanwari Devi Sex scandal has many things to unfold and the more you stir it, the more political dirt will come out.

On September 1, Bhanwari devi , the 36-year old nurse, moll of one former cabinet minister and another Congress MLA, was kidnapped and brutally murdered. Officially, she is missing, but we all know the truth. A fortnight after her disappearance, police claimed that she was kidnapped from Bilara near Jodhpur in a Scorpio by a Jalore-based Bishnoi gang. The CBI was approached in a month later. Neither police nor CBI found a clue to trace the mysterious gang. They have, however, arrested two people to show. Sohanlal Bishnoi is the prime suspect who is cousin brother of Malkhan Singh Bishnoi, MLA from Luni. Malkhan Singh Bishnoi too has a decade-long affair with Bhanwari.

On October 12, the CBI took over the case from Rajasthan police and start searching for third suspect, Sahi Ram Bishnoi, who is believed to be the mastermind. There were about 27 calls from Sahi Ram to Both Shahabuddin and Sohanlal, two other suspects on the day she disappeared.

Bhanwari Devi could well be her attempts to auction the CD to the highest bidder. Three taped phone conversations reveal that she was using Sohanlal as a middleman between Maderna and her, also asked him to approach a party in Delhi. Maderna apparently agreed to buy the CD as she had threatened him to disclose it if he refuses to pay up.

So, if Bhanwari Devi is dead, who killed her? Who leaked the CD and the three taped conversations? Will this case get justice or government will try to cover it up with false promises?

5 thoughts on “Bhanwari Devi Sex Scandal- Mysterious Story of a Moll

  1. Obviously, she is responsible for her own death!!! It was her greed for money and power that compelled her to cheat her own life partner and family. Otherwise, why she dragged herself into extra-marital affairs with top politicians of Rajasthan? CBI discovered that her property was worth of cores. She was just an ANM and it is next to impossible for a Class ‘C’ health employee to accumulate such a huge property. All her properties and bank balances were due to courtesy of politicians and other high-profiled people for her sexual favors. The worst part of her corrupt personality is that she was still unsatisfied with her current possessions. Thats why she dared to behave over smartly by making a CD so that she can blackmail those corrupted politicians and so called high-class people in order to extend her materialistic possessions. Poor Lady!! She was unaware of the fact that she was back-mailing a POLITICIAN who is far more experienced in such dirty games and politics. No doubt, she was murdered brutally and the people responsible for this deserve a punishment according to law, but just thinkIf she would still alive today, then she and those corrupted ministers would get equal punishments by law!!! This case is just like a gang war wherein all gangsters shot themselves dead and their bosses file a case in and ask for justice in judiciary…

  2. Yes Kuldeep, i agree with you. but she is not poor lady, you are trying to insult every poor women of india by calling her poor. This is a story of characterless lady and a corrupt indian politician.

    1. Mr. Gagan Singh! My intention is not to insult poor women of India. Here, I have used ‘poor’ in reference to the ill-fated end of life.
      I was very much panicked by simply reading the story of her gruesome murder. Just think, when even the imagination of such event is so horrible, how much pain she felt for being a victim of this incident!

  3. i appreciate bhawari for her proactive approach. she had a clear idea about the danger and she was not in mood to let the people who are using her go so easily.she dont want to die like just a mistress. No doubt, she was characterless, but we should also consider the circumstances she brought up in. In conclusion, being useful is good but being used all the times is not good. Bhawari was used by the people and she was not at all wrong if she started asking favors in return. how many women dare to do this..even if they are being used, they try to hide their faces and it allows criminals to ‘use and throw’ them. but, now atleast people will think twice before going into such relation or using anyone.

  4. Miss Shipra! Good Logic! I never thought that way. May this incident prove to be a lesson for such corrupt personalities.

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